Midi course and two pairs of outputs monitor and speaker. Apple MacOS X It works very well and I am able to get pretty good recordings with it. I bought this card to euro. I have no idea what the sound card is hooked up to, but I am currently not using any speakers at the moment, only headphones. All three sound cards perform on the same level and differ only by nuances.

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I’m going to mark this as resolved even though it is not. I put a latency of ms in software to compensate for minor problems occasional stall.

It works great edlta that – just plug in your microphone and you can record. And the hw alsa input is 16 bit Everything else within the station is 16 bit, so I want to make 16 bit recordings. Since the release of the 64bit version and nothing more, no update Sad is the day I will move to mobile containt Therefore the control room outputs and routing are needed.

M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192 – audio interface

Any other tips and ideas is still highly welcome. If your lost why are you not following my step by step plan? Forums Posts Latest Posts.


SweetLooper Max Output Level: Have you encountered any incompatibilities? Having a problem logging in? And then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could find a good quality balanced soundcard on Ebay that Depta can put in Just run down to radio shack or whatever electronics store and get the Y adapter.

M-Audio Delta Audiophile PCI (DELTA Audiophile 192) Sound Card

Deelta mike cables etc. This is my first real sound card. Sort by most recent most useful. Oh yeah and I have nothing connected to the hardware because I don’t know what I need! I now have the correct XLR mike cables and tried as you instructed but no reaction from the mixer.

Thanks again in advance. There are a few ways to do this and I’ll pick one way for now, you can change this latter once you understand things better. It was not that expensive compared to the other options, so I dslta it’s a very good value. We suppose a dedicated headphones amplifier like that of M-Audio Revolution 5.

Newbie Needs Help: Delta Audiophile to Mackie VLZ3 Mixer Setup | Cakewalk Forums

And somewhere at the M-Audio website, I read that the Audiophile is not made for such a connection. All times are GMT However, by connecting input to output we can: But I think audiopuile next card will be a portable firewire because I lack a little.


Thanks you all again in advance. For a small mixer it is actually very complicated and I can see all sorts of wrong ways to hook it up. Now I feel a bit limited by the number of available analog input but this is not the fault of the card it’s just that I have audiopile more demanding Anyway I highly recommend it!

Installed Jack, and I found a tick box in audikphile GUI that claimed it could “force to 16bit” sadly no joy with that: The latest drivers are easily downloadable on the French site of M-Audio.

The analog input features higher-quality converters rated at dBA.

I had a go at writing the recording scripts for parec, and that didn’t seem to be too happy working from a shell script. M-Audio Delta Audiophile Is a dedicated output really a plus can be questioned.

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