I know that I must be missing something simple here, but darned if I know what it is. I tried that to no avail. Took me a while to realize you had to check the other manual, though. Also mentioned was ensuring drivers were loaded in c drive. One option is to hit ctrl-Y to save this setting which i am guessing to do. Mon Feb 23, 7: You should be able to define individual arrays with only a single disk, effectively being JBOD.

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Looks like you satw it right, save it and you should be able to read and retrieve data from the drive after that. You will then need to settle which disk to boot from – not a big issue.

Took me a while to realize you had to check the other manual, though. Under define array it gives first line as array 1 and then you select the Raid Mode, total drives capacity and status for the array 1. I recommend to format a primary partition for Windows 3. Mon Feb 23, 2: I dunno, I feel like I’m missing something obvious here, but if I select option 1 it asks me to set up either a performance or security array, and those are the only two options.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m having the same problem as Rob. Well, call or e-mail MSI and ask? Yes, we know she’s hot! I think what will happen now is install windows again and then make the bad drive a second and use some type of data recovery program to try and get the data my wife needs back.


I tried that to no avail. Maybe I have this all wrong but isn’t sata raid setup for adding a disk to run jsi and mirror another disk with the same info which improves performance and you have a back up if one or the other crashes?


So no worry about re-formating the damaged drive before I get the info from it. And none of those options after entering them has promise Raid. Thank you very much for response. You could try jumper it to SATA 1.

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Check and see if there is an option in the bios to change the RAID controller’s configuration to a normal drive controller. Any ideas how to get this to work properly? I tried a Jumper on pin 1,2 to make it a slave Ssta did eelta think I had to put jumpers on for sata but tried anyway with no luck. I also like the suggestion of the linux way of trying to save some files.

Am I missing something here. Thanks again for all the help. Mon Feb 23, 1: I would guess the drivers not installed controls this correct?

Can MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR SATA RAID controller do JBOD?

The book states to create a security array which would be one disk with data and you add another and then copy all of the files on to it. It’s all explained there. Because I am guessing in this setup, really do not need windows right now for anything so I get a new hard drive and copy the damaged drive info to it using this sataraid set up?


The sata setup was just to have the ability to read the drive and dslta wanting to have sata running.

Can’t find SATA drive on MSI K7N2 Delta

Aug 22, Posts: I would use performance or desktop or something along those lines, and you should be fine. You are correct Sharp about it setting up at the cluster size of 64 KB and was not aware it could hurt the existing drive with info on it.

It is said max GB, but if it can handle that it should be able to handle bigger disks, too. I assume this would be under integrated peripherals. Mon Feb 23, 7: Rob Flanery Ars Centurion Registered: What I am seeing now with the fastbuild Utility in promise Technology is I think you are saying I can use this to copy the data from a bad drive to a new drive if i set it up that way and save the whole hard drive to a new hard drive.

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