My surprise was a pleasent one: To load contacts, just go through explorer into the internal drive to the Contacts folder. How “a hard reset” should be done? Je Romania 24 Posts. Rhoditis Where do u find the old drivers so u can use it whith vista?

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Rename this file to Contact. You can put the. The n610 thing is with the non-tts voices it’s crystal clear. I’ve tried a hard reset: There is no reason to install the.

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Easiest way to at least access windows explorer which will then allow you to launch other. I do not want to change anything on the H Hi, I’ve done it, it works pretty well, thanks a lot for your information!. You will only need one file from the download. Find a folder called Contact and open it.


If you do manage to download the miotransfer hack and get miopocket off, I recommend just following the instructions I provided above and just use it that way.

Best regards from Belgium. Pour vous guider sur la Route: So many thanks again for your help. Only issue at this time is that the TTS does not work.

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To load contacts, just go through explorer into the internal drive to the Contacts folder. Actually that is a flaw with Igo8.

Save Password Forgot your Password? Je Romania 24 Posts. This way I have access to the miio on both my internal drive and SD card and can launch any program I wish.

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At first mo was very crackly lots of pops whenever it would speak. Great, the system ate my message Now transfer the renamed gsfinder.

It wasn’t all bad, but like you after every cold startup it would reinstall miopocket. Maybe it’s not the right version?


I have yet to find a version especially one that runs on the h that will run again once you put your device in sleep mode. You can launch all your. I installed miopocket R19 I believe on my h And I have to confirm what you just wrote I’m not quite h60.

Just boot on the SD card if it is present, otherwise, go to the Mio screen. After that, I decided to just use the method I mentioned above. I can upload files on my mio with gsfinder but any new map is rejected I had to download miotransfer hack and then go through and manually remove the miopocket stuff.

Rename that to Contact-mio.

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