Remove the four screws on the base of the case. Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable The most recent firmware verion for WAGN is 1. See this page for details and pictures of the WAGNv2. Choose the Device 4.

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Linksys WAG160N Firmware 1.00.15 For Windows All

This is not an ideal solution but may stand in until linksys can address the issue with a proper fix in a new update. Message 3 of 12 9, Views. Unplugging it from the power source should not be linjsys only way to shut it down. A bit strange though If you are connected to serial, you can also use a TFTP server. Message 3 of 4 8, Views.

Firmware upgrade WAGn – Linksys Community

Registered protocol family 16 ath: You then need to get this image off the router. Using the reset button should not be necessary. Anyway hope this helps.

There’s still no questions on this driver. Are you using an apple computer? See this page for details and pictures of the WAGNv2.


On my unit; the J10 label was obscured by a sticky pad. You can get the firmware here – Barrier Breaker, r Country alpha2 being used: US PPP generic driver version 2. Now, another member here says he found a workaround by going back to the next earlier firmware version, so the question for me is: The PCB llinksys a bit redesigned.

There is also a plastic sheet covering the bottom of the PCB, maybe to help heat dissipation. Message 5 of 12 9, Views.

Here’s most popular questions on this driver.

WAGN – firmware upgrade internet speed – Linksys Community

The trick is to rub a stapple or a wire between the pin 4 in red and the pin 1 in orange while booting. WAGN – firmware upgrade 1.

Your comments are received and will be shown on soon. And if it works, it may help track down the source of the problem. You have two solutions: Serial console can be attached to J10 which is located at the bottom right of the board when looking at the unit from the front.


You have to include this data into OpenWrt, and modify ath9k driver to read it durning device initialisation. Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain roboswitch: How to add tags bcm63xxbcm4flash32ram. As you can’t write to the directory currently used by the http server, let’s just hijack the daemon for a short while. If the idea is to guard against accidental shut downs, then a toggle switch on firmwarf back formware be more than ample.

I only re-enter the same information anyway, and it just wastes time on a problem that shouldn’t be a problem in the first place. Release the reset button Prise the top of the router from the bottom using a small screwdriver – I found this easier by starting at the front.

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