Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. The IFSFile class provides methods that operate on a file as a whole. ASZonedDecimal Everything else char maps to com. A list of IBM i messages generated by the command is available when the command completes. These classes also provide the ability to call programs, service programs, Java programs, and system commands on the IBM i. The transaction object has the same api as the pool object.

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Specifies the library and file name of a sort sequence table stored on the system.

JTOpen jdbcClient – simplifies Java SQL development

Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Here are examples of how these calls can be used. In the IFS, the files exist as a sequence of bytes without any data format specified by the file attributes.

Turning on this property true forces the driver to get the correct data from the system. The Decimal type maps to com.

In my example, I was using Tomcat Server but it should be applicable to other web servers as well. You can see more examples in issue Through the file system classes, a Java program can open an input or output stream, open a file for random access, list the contents of a directory, and do other common file system tasks. Anyways, I hope this helps: Information about users is available in user profiles. The conversion classes provide conversion between IBM i and Java data formats.


Specifies whether the connection should use true auto commit support.

Defining the database configuration for IBM i DB2

A binary large object BLOB retrieved from the named file. With programs it is neccesary to define your input parameters first. Specifies the output string type of bidirectional data. The data description classes allow a Java program to describe the record format of a buffer of data with an object. These print classes are used to retrieve lists of spooled files, output queues, printers, and other print resources.

I have tried using the db2jcc. Setting this property to true may slow performance because it requires retrieving more information from the system. The resources used by jobs are group into system pools.

In this case, you again need to add jt Classes are also provided for data description and conversion. The SystemStatus class retrieves system status information. Using this client, you can quickly view the results of running particular SQL statements and experiment with the intricacies of Jt40 methods databasf the need to write and compile a Java program. The first output row contains the column names and the remaining rows contain the output data.


You do not need to add the. Specifies whether the system fully opens a file for each query.

Toolbox for Java and JTOpen

Here is an example of running various SQL statements against a DB2 for i server to create a table, insert data into the table, retrieve the data from the table, and call a stored procedure.

The Job class is used to retrieve messages in a job log and information about a job such as name, number, type, user, status, job queue, and more. IBM i provides several means to run executable programs on the system. Jt400 property has no effect if the “secondary URL” property is set. General properties are system attributes that specify the user, password, and whether a prompt is necessary to connect to the system.

Specifies the action to take when SQL package errors occur. Are you connecting to an IBM i? Specifies a 3-character language id to use for selection of a sort sequence.

The following criteria determine which database is accessed:

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