For example to change to a non pooled DataSource. Products Reporting Software Solution. If you use another driver other than i-net software then you must register both drivers. If you enable the logging with: How can I return a connection to the pool? You use the SQL Server 6.

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You have tested it with a profiler. Now click on Manage Contents… in this tab. You can find out about this: This returns the connetion to the pool and doesn’t close the real connection.

A bug in some JDK 1. Please empty the cache of your application to make sure that there is no limited trial-version sitting somewhere anymore. Java components slow down much more as native components with a disable JIT.

This exception occurs if you use a forward only or read only cursor. After this exception add the new driver.

Object can be bound You have not set the name of the Datasource Driver correctly! This is a problem of the used sockets with Windows NT.


General FAQ for all i-net JDBC drivers for MS SQL Server

You need to change the subprotocol in your source code sample PooledDriver. If you call getObject on a column that is a timestamp column in the SQL Server then you get a binary object. This protocol equals inetdae7 except string parameter of PreparedStatements. The following might cause the error:.

Connection Pooling with i-net OPTA, i-net MERLIA and i-net SEROPTO

What could be causing this? This error message means that for the requested url no driver was registered. This subprotocol has a very good support for the nXXX data types. This message means that the socket to the Ner server was closed.

i-net JDBC Drivers for MS SQL Server

Click Next and click ‘Add All Targets’. You can check the texts and make sure you employ the correct driver version. The problem is a function of: If all is correct and well done you get no warning or error.


You can find many general guidelines in the SQL Server online manual to solve deadlocks. If everything is fine it should look like this: There are no absolute read locks for the SQL Server.

Property type [Enumerated] not supported. I bought the i-net driver – do I employ the correct version? If you use the command DriverManager.

The driver uses the codepage that you set with the option charset for converting. The default fetch size is 0. With the following loop you can concatenate the pieces of the XML data:. View the Manual and the current Release Changes. Patent since version 6.

The available languages can be requested with:

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