To judge by most of the mainstream press coverage, the issues involved in the current labour dispute between HandyDart employees and their American based employer MVT Canada Bus are very simple. Yes, once a week, national news only. Never miss a story. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. What remains to be seen is whether service will be restored in a way that respects the legitimate concerns of employees about their own future security when they retire, or whether the solution will lie in an imposed agreement that ignores those concerns. Drivers can’t pick up a customer earlier than the scheduled 30 minute window.

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Many individuals are sensitive to scented products and, if possible, please consider refraining from applying them for the comfort of t driver and fellow passengers.

This helps us make sure we have enough room on the vehicle to accommodate your needs.

HandyDART Frequently Asked Questions

The becoe ended a period of locally controlled specialized transit services that began in with the province awarding a first contract for service delivery in Vancouver to the Pacific Transit Co-op, a user controlled society that placed control squarely in the hands of a board elected by mobility-challenged transit users. As part of the review, TransLink contacted other Canadian transit agencies to learn what HandyDART had in common with and how it differed from their custom transit services.

To judge by most of the mainstream press coverage, the issues involved in the current labour dispute between HandyDart employees and their American based handydaft MVT Canada Bus handysart very simple. When HandyDART determines that a service area will be Essential Service Only, the automated phone calls will begin immediately for all passengers who have a booked ride in the area for that particular day.


Changes coming to HandyDART service | Vancouver Sun

What should I do if my ride ebcome arrived within the 30 minute window? I came to know that driving or dispatching HandyDart vehicles represented as much a calling as a paycheque. We strive not to exceed the following guidelines for the amount of time you spend on the vehicle: Now I see all of my fellow HandyDart drivers are facing having their pensions stripped and replaced with RRSPs, as well as other cuts to benefits and a wage settlement they find insulting.

If you must cancel your ride, please do so as soon as possible, providing at least 2 hours hxndydart. Further to the provision of the Personal Information Protection Act, personal information is kept confidential by TheTyee.

Office workers and dispatchers worked valiantly to make an imperfect and patchworks system as effective as humanly possible. If a customer would like to book a ride one day in advance, the request must be made before 4 p.

Only one call will be generated per trip to only one phone number. First Canada, which provides HandyDart service for B.

Essential Service Only means that HandyDART will only provide transportation for those attending renal dialysis appointments or cancer treatment. Same-day or standby bookings can be made but are not guaranteed until the customer receives a call confirming the ride. Jane Dyson, executive director of Disability Alliance B. What if the system gets a busy signal? It was an honour to know and work with haneydart.


TransLink to begin HandyDart contract negotiations with First Canada | Vancouver Sun

During the decades I worked in HandyDart, the service was delivered by a patchwork of service providers across the Lower Mainland, and some of the employers in other municipalities had been persuaded in collective bargaining to provide livable pension plans. Never miss a story. Is there more to this story? We will never share, rent, or sell your email address.

More than one number can be used hzndydart individual trips.

E-mail addresses are only used for the purposes of Tyee-related correspondence or comment moderation. MVT certainly began its management stint in the Lower Mainland professing good intentions and high hopes.

HandyDART only provides accessible, outdoor, door-to-door service. This will allow for other trips to be scheduled in place of the cancelled ride. Your privacy is important to us.

TransLink to begin HandyDart contract negotiations with First Canada

We weren’t saints, of course, but the workers who stuck it out in the system were an extraordinary bunch of people, compassionate, resourceful, funny and diligent. And I see that because they have responded by going out on strike, they are getting beaten up a fair bit in public. How long will a driver wait if I’m not ready for my ride?

He said those savings would be reinvested in the service or system-wide accessibility.

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