When using raspi-update you are installing test kernels that might break things. Hello, my name is Divanshu Khanna. That’s where I ran into this problem: The solution is to use the latest version of hostapd, here it’s hostapd Select all sudo make install. Hostapd runs fine on stock mainline kernels. SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument.

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How To Fix invalid/unknown driver nl80211 hostapd

You’ll see no errors again. I’m using an Atheros high-gain adapter to pick up a public wireless network and rebroadcast it into my room, which has worked fairly well, so I decided to get another of the Atheros adapters to replace the small Realtek one for broadcast purposes.

And only then go out on the limb and do raspi-updatebut be sure to make a working backup to another mSD card first, so you can swap that in in case the newer kernel and modules cause more issues than it does fix. If you had some time could you do a step by step process with a little more detail showing how you did this install process for those of us that are very new to this type of work.


Re: Trying to run hostapd as solely a stand-alone Radius server

Invalid/unlnown as a guest Name. You need to build, or obtain, a different copy of hostapd. I did have to comment out some unsupported settings in the hostapd. Intel Corporation physical id: When using raspi-update you are installing test kernels that might break things.

How To Fix invalid/unknown driver nl hostapd – Linuxslaves

However, i got an error again. When do you expect a gadget to be launched? I’ve tried several different versions of hostapdas suggested in the other tutorials, but I always get the error Line 5: No such file or directory I solved it by installing libnl Sign up using Facebook.

But when run bash script to launch wifi, i found error. Maybe some returns were different Because I had a return instead of a space after the values in the errors.

Or someone has a more decent way to run intel agn in AP mode? The program to update the latest developed kernel version is named rpi-update and the program to configure the Raspberry Pi is named raspi-config.

Ok try this solution above. Anyway, hope this helps as it works for me: I still got an error. It is neither raspi-update nor rpi-configa little confusion here also by myself.


Our small team ensures that you stay updated with the latest in this fast-paced hoostapd world.

How To Fix invalid/unknown driver nl hostapd – Great Ubuntu Tips | Windows Tricks

Jannis Kappertz 1 1. Working on raspbian as of April That’s where I ran into this problem: Select all Configuration file: Hi, I’ve tried iwlagn. Do you mean rpi-config for kernel updates, right? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Before I encountered the Problem, I copied the hostapd.

Thanks for the nudge!

Remove space at the end of script code. I must admit to having been skeptical, the install was only 2 hours old and I hadn’t done much About Me Divanshu Khanna. Download hostapd source http:

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