I bought it for recording during rehearsals. Maybe I should have liked more of a microphone input. An overall score of 8 seems fair enough. I have a latency of , which suits me fine. Having previously Maya 44 card which I was very satisfied, this product seemed the logical evolution.

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It fits me well.

This product is very good, it must be a year since I have, I’ve never had any problems. So, the ESI is as good in reality as it is on paper.

The first two analogue ins are presented as XLR type microphone inputs and receive 12v phantom power from the PCI bus.

So I used it with Sonar until 24 tracks into reading with a lot of hassle free vst effects. Dead easy to set up.

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I have not really choose this card because I bought into a lot of someone who sold his home studio but I am very satisfied. I was looking for a sound card allows me to record my drums sep1010 several tracks. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Near-zero latency thanks to the integrated card on PCI slot. Everything goes without problems, the card is recognized immediately. Our Verdict Great value, easy to use and well built. The use and implementation of this card is really simple with no space settings to disappoint es audio-geeks.



Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Yes, I would do this choice! Just be esp10100 to setup the card before starting the program depending on the sampling frequency. Incredible value for money.

However, no bugs and deplore the lack of update is not a concern because it works wonderfully. I bought it for recording during rehearsals. I use this card in my little home studio as recently as private and rsi. Before you make a decision, you need to work out how much money you’re going to spend and then consider which features you need.

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I almost never realigned except for some tracks where, once defined, it suffices to apply the same offset mathematically to solve this micro displacement. Although there are times better you can achieve results bluffing when applying. I have a second Windows XP installation without updates, no network, no internet In my small amateur level practicing for fun, it’s a great product.


Inputs – Channels 1 and 2 as needed jack or XLR microphone with amplification and gain adjustment directly on the interface.

Regarding inconsistency, I have not found it yet. I have not had occasion to use it but just 2 points for connecting a virtual cable into place. It is cheap and it works: Low latency 3ms as a general rule.

I have no manual, but it passes easily, especially since we find on the net when needed. What I like least? Viewpoint value for money is the top at least at the time for small budget who want to taste the quality. Even if I do not serve, I keep a little more because the report qualitprix is really good and what is scarce now. Maybe I should have liked more of a microphone input. Like most typical interfaces, the supports ASIO 2.

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