Shared with failover all loms, but I think I might have gotten it working by downgrading from NIC firmware 5. Broadcom NetXtreme Family of Adapters. Are you supposed to do a build with just one of the 4-port cards installed, then later add the extra 4-port card? I’ve swapped the cards around in the server and the ‘faults’ follow the cards. I found that toggling the NIC team within the host actually fixes the problem. These teams can be any combination of the supported teaming types, but each team must be on a separate network or subnet. I re-read the document:

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Downloaded the most recent management software off the Broadcom site.

Peter 3 14 Sign up using Facebook. I cannot put this gear into broadcoom because I am not confident that the pNICs will be mapped to the same vmNICs upon a reboot I intend to test this next week to see if they move around at all I think I might talk to my Dell account manager and ask him to swap the cards for Intel quad-port instead.


Happens whether teaming is configured before or after Hyper-V role is installed. Wednesday, November 30, Wednesday, November 30, 9: Please enter a title. But there’s no fell in BACS. Here’s what I think happened to me:. Use this table to determine the best type of team for your application.

The following flow chart provides the decision flow when planning for Layer 2 teaming. Check more informations in: Preference teaming should be selected in the following order: Same MAC ddll for all team members.

I re-read the document:. Maybe I should have known to do that in the beginning, but I guess “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

windows server – Dell iDRAC express and Broadcom Team – Server Fault

Monday, December 12, Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Mixed speeds adapters that support a common. When I install cards they normally fall in-line correctly.

This is how the teaming is supposed to heaming. Go to original post. The teaming software supports up to eight ports in a single team and up to 16 teams in a single system. Anyway, I don’t have to search any further for a solution Too many would just leap at it with an ‘I’ll give it a go’ mentality.


Broadcom NIC teaming using Dell-supplied drivers

No load balancing or link aggregation going on here. I’m also glad to hear you recognise that maybe a virtual implementation is more than your experience allows.

No VLAN tagging in use. Selecting a Team Type. Not something I’ve tested. SLB with one primary and one standby member. One thing I do know for sure now Teaming offers link aggregation and fault tolerance to meet both of these requirements.

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