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Creating a strong direct response marketing campaign takes careful analysis of every client’s needs. What are the prime benefits of the product or service? Who are the customers? What obstacles need to be overcome? What media should be used? What is the best strategy to meet the client’s objective? Take a look at some of the samples of our powerful direct response marketing campaigns—from problem to strategy to objective to results.

Successful Campaign Strategies — Client Case Studies

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How Does CDMG Generate Higher Response for Their Clients?

CDMG optimizes each campaign for our clients, ensuring the end result meets or exceeds expectations. We measure our success against the client’s own marketing data, which validates our targeted / direct marketing strategy, campaign ROI and any improved sales/services capture by the client. Take a look at a few of our successes below (actual data).


Heavy Competition/Little-known Company

Marketing Challenge #1:

Generating Higher Response   Client A has been in business for a long time, but is relatively unknown. Competitors are well-known.

We had to build awareness and credibility in this competitive market, as well as show our audience the need for this particular company’s service as opposed to other companies—properly defining their Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


To position this company as the experts and clarify the benefits of using this particular company’s services. This was done with advanced direct response copy that gave clear explanations of services available.


To increase the number of leads to at least 1% overall response rate.


Client produced as much as 4.2% return on their integrated campaign with direct mail and online strategy.

Heavy Competition/New Launch

Marketing Challenge #2:

New Launch    A new launch of a product in the health industry.

While the product had differences from the competition, they were not easily discernible.

We had to clearly present the unique benefits of our product to the market. Also, the cost of the product was 110% above the major competition.


With convincing direct response copy, we provided our prospects with the latest information about their health needs and then showed them how our product was the solution for them.

An intriguing, information-filled campaign was created utilizing the latest, most successful direct marketing techniques.


To generate a minimum response of 1.1% and market outside the “health” audience.


The client’s results far exceeded the minimum requirements—even the requirements for “non-health-oriented” markets—by more than 150%. The client’s customer base is becoming the largest in the industry.

Product Saved, Substantial Growth Experienced

Marketing Challenge #3:

Substancial Growth   Client experienced a decrease in market share in a crowded, competitive field.


To develop a unique “hook” to motivate an unresponsive audience to purchase the product.


To raise response from 0.95% to at least 1.5%.


Client experienced a jump in response up to 3.1%, leading to multiple new campaigns for other products.

CDMG offers a smooth, easy and effective process

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