Please see below for more details on these struct elements. All the devices on a single USB must share the bandwidth that is available on the bus. To accomodate for the various signaling characteristics of all manufactured transmitters, cables, and connectors, SuperSpeed receivers must be trained upon connection to a transmitter. Reverting the polarity setting to auto-detect will cause the polarity on the analyzer to be set to this auto-detected configuration. Total Phase and distributors have no obligation to provide maintenance, support, or updates.

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For USB, a data word is considered a single byte. The Beagle monitor is completely field-upgradable via USB. The Capture side acts as a USB pass-through. It is a full-duplex protocol which functions on a master-slave paradigm that is ideally suited to data streaming applications. SSPLIT s are only used the first time that the host wishes to send a given transaction to the device.

The types of data that can be matched are: To do this, the match unit has the anayzer to match or not match any other packet types. An analyzer released from Cross-Analyzer Sync by software will:.

If the length is not zero, then the control transfer will have a Data Stage. In this way, users can synchronize events on the bus with other signals they may be measuring. The flipside is that there is no acknowledgment, no flow control, and the master may not even be aware of the slave’s presence.


If these status codes are received, refer to the previous sections in this datasheet that discuss the DLL and API integration of the Beagle software.

Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer

Also, when an active data packet is on the bus, only one input event will be recorded and sent back to the analysis PC. Bulk transfers have the lowest priority. The specific compatibility for each operating system is discussed below. The target host computer can be the same computer as the analysis computer, although it may not be optimal under certain conditions.

Zero or more of the follow constants may be used. A data match unit can match specific data packet types or data in either the upstream direction or downstream direction.

Where applicable, bus events are also returned with a duration.

Total Phase Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer

Setting for each channel are provided to this function through a BeagleUsb3Channel structure, as described below:. It is also possible to manually turn data scrambling bexgle or off for each of the analyzed streams.

When poor signals are on the bus, it is possible for the scrambling control bit of the TS1 or TS2 to be corrupted, and thus unintentionally mis-inform the receiver of the true scrambling mode. If polling is required, then it is recommended that Self Filtering be enabled in order beaglf eliminate the packets intended for the Beagle analyzer, and thus save on-board memory.


SuperSpeed USB employs spread spectrum clocking on its signaling. Beagle Protocol Analyzer User I2v. The first bit time is measured from the beagke rising edge of the MDC line to the next rising edge.

An overflow can occur when the Beagle analyzer receives data faster than the rate that it is processed — the receive link is “saturated. For further details on the digital inputs refer to Section 3. The features field denotes the capabilities of the Beagle analyzer. For data packets, a specific data pattern beafle the basis of the match. Master In Slave Out — this data line supplies the output data from the slave to the input of the master.

If multiple match units match at the same time, the first match unit will have priority as to which state is transitioned to.

If all of these versions are synchronized and there are still problems, please contact Total Phase support for assistance. The following steps describe the setup process.

These four lines areGND, and the twisted pair: If a pin is attempted to be configured as both active low and active high, then it will only actually configure anapyzer active high.

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